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LG Motion Expand into Collaborative Robotics

A recent industry announcement from LG Motion and HMK is set to make collaborative robots accessible to UK companies for the first time. The partnership will see HMK supplying LG Motion with their Techman range of collaborative robots, or Cobots. The Cobots are a natural addition to LG Motion’s product lines and will help to further cement its position as a leading innovator of motion control solutions for industry and research and development.

Practicalities of small collaborative robots

Many companies, especially SMEs want to use robots but they don’t want to have to re-organise their work areas to accommodate one. The ideal is to be able to buy a robot and place it on the production line next to human workers. Unfortunately there is a safety issue. The robot is, after all, a machine.


 HATTEM, THE NETHERLANDS – One of the world’s major producers of hydrated alumina (AL[OH]3) is TOR Processing & Trade B.V., a branch of TOR Minerals International ( From its specialty mineral processing plant in Hattem, TP&T refines and ships hydrated alumina in bulk bags for applications such as flame retardants and fillers for laminates, solid surface, ceramics, plastics and composites.

Absolutely reliable. Even under harsh conditions.

Corrosion protection starts well before the first coat of paint. The corrosion kit MMS® Inspection comprises three devices that are needed before, during and after surface coating. With the SPG, you can reliably measure the surface profile. The DPM provides all the necessary data for determining the dew point. The powerful DFT is your mobile
companion for all coating thickness tasks (ferrous and non-ferrous substrates).

AC-DC Battery backed power system 1U 19″ Rack Mounting up to 300 Watts

The PFD Series is a no break system to provide constant DC power without interruption in the event of an AC mains failure. Available in 150W and 300W versions and nominal DC outputs of 12V, 24V or 48V.

Obsolescence is here to stay but it can be managed!

Globalisation, business consolidation and short development and production cycles, particularly in electronics, mean that components and equipment are often withdrawn from the market within 5-10 years of their launch; if the economic life of your asset is 30 years, sustaining the asset quickly becomes problematical.

PC Mounding & Automation Ltd

At PCMoulding & Automation Ltd we design, manufacture and install bespoke automation systems throughout the UK across all industries, specialising in injection moulding for the automotive sector.

Scaled Ltd

Scaled Ltd have developed an in-house 3D printing system based on robotics. Over the course of a weekend in August, Scaled printed an entire concept vehicle chassis to demonstrate how 3D printing could be used for vehicle applications. 3D printing in thermoplastic composite materials is now a viable manufacturing technique for structural applications, fast-make tooling for composite prototype and large-scale jigs. And the cost point for low volume automotive production is now well within reach.