3D vision with Ensenso – precise, robust and easy

 Many tasks in robot technology and automation can only be solved successfully with 3D data. With the Ensenso Stereo Vision Cameras, IDS offers a solution for 3D image acquisition that excels in terms of precision as well economy and speed. The Ensenso N-Series is a compact and robust 3D camera system designed specifically for use in rough environmental conditions. 

Depending on the camera model, the integrated projector is optionally available with blue lights in the visible range (465 nm) or with infrared lights (850 nm). Even under difficult lighting conditions, it projects a high-contrast texture onto the object using a pattern mask with a random dot pattern, thus supplementing the structures that are not present or only weakly present on the object’s surface. With the so-called FlexView technology, cameras of the N35 series double the effective resolution of the 3D point cloud and thus ensure even more precise object contours, finer image details and more robust 3D data. 

All models are also suitable for industrial use due to the lockable GPIO connectors for trigger and flash. For particularly high demands on robustness, the Ensenso N30 and Ensenso N35 3D camera systems are available with IP65/67 protection class and thus protected against dirt, dust, splash water or cleaning agents. In addition, they are “powered over Ethernet” (PoE), and thus easy and convenient to integrate in addition to their compact size (175 x 50 x 52 mm). 

Cameras of the Ensenso N camera family are easy to set up and operate via the Ensenso SDK. In addition to wizards for easy setup and camera calibration support for the 3D cameras, it also includes GPU-based image processing for even faster 3D data processing. In addition to the Ensenso N series with fully integrated housing, IDS offers also 3D cameras with modular design or even with integrated data processing. As a result, the N, X and XR families provide solutions for the most diverse requirements. The Ensenso selector on the IDS website helps to find the right model for your application. Simply enter your parameters in the online configuration tool and it will list the best possible combinations. 

 More information: https://en.ids-imaging.com/ensenso-stereo-3d-camera.html 

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