Entecon develops the Flex Feeder to meet the market’s needs even better!

Entecon is active in the market with well-known Aero Mechanical Conveyor and other types of transport systems. The Entecon product range includes – Big Bag Fillers and Dischargers, dust-free bag Sack Tip Stations and dust-free Automatic Sack Openers and empty bag compactors, as well as complete projects.

To meet the needs of the market even better, Entecon has developed its own line of powder dosing machines. The ENTECON FLEX FEEDER can process a wide range of powder materials. All industrial applications where any form of solids is dosed will benefit from an Entecon Flex Feeder. Materials with a high bulk density and poor flow properties are particularly sensitive to agglomeration, bridging, rat-holing or compaction. The use of an Entecon Flex Feeder can prevent this without the product being damaged by an agitator.

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Entecon has developed two basic types of Flex Feeder, the first for dosing granulates and granules. This volumetric machine consists of a stainless steel housing in which a dosing screw rotates. Optionally, an agitator can also be provided for activating the contents above the screw.

A great deal of effort has been devoted to developing a machine that can be used universally for all powders. The volumetric Flexible Wall Feeder FWF has been developed for this purpose. The machine is supplied in stainless steel with a flexible hopper made of wear-resistant polyurethane. The dosing screw rotates in this hopper and to obtain a guaranteed flow of product with a constant filling degree and a constant bulk density, the hopper is “massaged” from the outside by two activation paddles. These are fitted on both sides of the dosing screw. The standard flexible hopper is white but can also be supplied in FDA blue, or with anti-static or acid-resistant versions. The dosing screw and the paddles can be driven with one motor or with two motors for a separate screw and paddle drive. This allows a specific setting to be created for each product. The FWF in volumetric version has an accuracy and / or reproducibility of 1% or better. For more precision, a gravimetric design will be used for accuracy and / or reproducibility of 0.1% or more. The electronics are suitable for weighing in and weighing out. Other options include stacking hoppers, bag hoppers, integrated valves, spreading nozzles, etc.

The Flex Feeder machines can be fully integrated and used in combination with existing Entecon equipment.

More information can be found on our website:

Entecon Industries Ltd
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Surrey, GU15 3DL
Tel: 01276 414540
Email: sales@entecon.co.uk

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