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Cut Energy Costs and Improve Efficiency with Acoustic Imaging

Compressed air and vacuum systems are critical tools for manufacturing—so any leaks in these systems will reduce overall efficiency and raise energy costs. But finding these invisible leaks amid the bustle and noise of an operating factory presents a real challenge to even the most dedicated facility manager.

Being able to see these leaks and pinpoint their exact starting point? That can be a game changer.

Acoustic imaging cameras from FLIR can lead you visually to the source of compressed air and vacuum leaks. What’s more, these highly-sensitive tools are capable of detecting the sound of small leaks in noisy environments, and can calculate the potential energy savings while you’re still in the field. It’s an instant way to understand how quickly you’ll get a return on your investment in a FLIR acoustic cameras.

Learn more about acoustic imaging and its potential impact your company’s net profit.


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