Mr Beams has a range of bright battery operated lighting

Mr Beams has a range of bright battery operated lighting which can be mounted anywhere without any wiring.  There are even lights within the range that “talk to each other”  One on, all on.  Our lighting is suitable for use around the office and workplace and also ideal for home use when there are children up at night or for the elderly to help prevent trips and falls.

All lights have automatic motion and darkness sensors so that the lights only come on when it is dark or gloomy and someone is present.  The lights automatically turn off 20 seconds after the last movement and therefore preserves battery life which is on average 6 – 12 months using standard batteries  available anywhere.  Re-chargeable batteries can also be used.

This unique, cost effective range of lighting is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and provides a quick and efficient fix for all those awkward areas that require lighting, but is hard or not cost effective to bring cabling to. 

For all your Safety, Security and Convenience lighting needs such as Storage Areas, Security Lighting and Guidance Lighting for dark corridors and rooms.  

Chris Mason

Mr Beams UK
Unit 63 Basepoint
GL20 8SD

Tel +44 1684 607005


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