Sensing Devices Ltd

Since its foundation in 1971 Sensing Devices Ltd has become one of the world’s leading producers in temperature sensors. During this period the company has established a high reputation for its range of ceramic wire wound detectors, RTD’s, SPRT’s & Stator Winding RTD’s, all of which can be manufactured to ATEX & IECEx certification if required. SDL has established an enviable reputation for the excellence of its products and services, and enjoys a high level of confidence from its many customers around the world. The company’s Quality Management System is accredited to ISO 9001;2015

In addition we have our Laboratory which has been UKAS accredited since 1987. We offer calibration uncertainties as low as ±0.6mK (at the triple point of water, see website for reference) The Laboratory offers traceability to national standards over our accredited range of -85°C to +650°C. We carry out calibration of new thermometers, as well as re-calibration of existing thermometers and much more.

We supply many industries including Aerospace, Construction, Cryogenic, Energy, Food Processing, Gas, Medical, Nuclear, Oil, Pharmaceutical & many more.

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