TTControl connects mobile machines to the cloud

TTControl, the joint-venture company of TTTech Computertechnik AG and HYDAC International, offers an end-to-end solution to connect mobile machines via a cloud platform to the customer. The offering is designed to enable OEMs and fleet owners to optimize their fleet management and machine design. It also helps to ensure high availability of machines, which is especially useful for the agricultural and construction market. TTControl’s solution includes a hardware unit named TTConnect Wave (IoT gateway), an M2M SIM card as well as cloud platform access (TTConnect Cloud Service) and is now available for customers.

Thanks to the extensive cross-industry experience within the TTTech Group and HYDAC International, TTControl complements its leading functional safety know-how in the domain of mobile machinery with an easy-to-use connectivity solution. This solution allows machine OEMs and fleet owners to fully benefit from machine data and enables services such as convenient monitoring and management of machines through up-to-the-minute information on machine status, operations and locations. Detailed information on parameters, individually defined by the customer, help to improve operational efficiencies as well as to perform remote diagnostics.

TTControl’s comprehensive solution allows customers to make informed and data driven decisions regarding future machine design. Based on the insights from machine operations, value can be added to a product by creating new applications and services. “Building on the profound cross-industry experience of the TTTech Group and HYDAC International, TTControl offers a solution that enables our customers to utilize the benefits of digitalization in the mobile machinery market, such as machine management, data analysis and operational cost savings,” states Christiana Seethaler, Director of Product Development at TTControl.

High availability of machines is crucial especially for the agricultural market. Some work within an agricultural year can only be done in a limited time frame, such as harvesting or planting. For this reason, up-to-the-minute machine status information is highly beneficial since it indicates potential upcoming technical issues in advance, providing enough time to react and keep the machine in service. Also, connectivity assists with field efficiency analysis and field operation recording.

TTControl’s 360-degree approach to connectivity provides new levels of flexibility and true plug-and-play-functionality to customers. Software updates through the lifecycle of the machine are provided remotely. The TTConnect Cloud Service requires no programming knowledge, and the machine data is accessible from PC or any mobile device. Thanks to its flexible design, the platform can be customized and configured according to the distinct requirements of the customer. Remote visualization of the machine’s display via VNC protocol allows for improved and real time technical assistance. Data security is ensured through hosting in highly secured, high availability data centers in Vienna.

The included hardware unit TTConnect Wave is a ruggedized IoT gateway that connects vehicles or machines to the cloud via cellular or wireless interfaces. It is designed to connect the customer’s fleets to the TTConnect Cloud Service platform in the easiest and most comprehensive manner in the industry. The device provides standard in-vehicle interfaces such as Ethernet and CAN in addition to its wireless and cellular interfaces.

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