Watchlog: Bluetooth and medium range wireless sensors for pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level etc. with cloud monitoring

Hydrotechnik UK are pleased to announce their Bluetooth and Wireless sensor range under the Watchlog brand name.  Designed for use with our range of Mobile Apps and PC software as well a cloud-based monitoring and logging service.  Bluetooth up to 95m and Wireless up to 1.6Km offer users genuine choice.

Watchlog Bluetooth

Watchlog Bluetooth is a new generation of short-range wireless pressure measurement, designed to work with iOS and Android mobile devices as well as iPads and Windows tablets.

The powerful free App lets users create custom projects with customisable dashboards to display values and log data.

Up to 12 transmitters at once can be monitored on one device or many devices up to 10 times per second and transmit over distances up to 90m, all powered from just 2 standard AA batteries.

The Watchlog App is available now for download on the App store and Google Play. A range of Pressure sensors from (0..25 bar up to 0..700 bar) are available from stock.


Watchlog Wireless

Watchlog Wireless is Hydrotechnik UK’s medium range (800m up to 1.6km) system for a wide variety of measurements including Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level and Linear movement. There are various ways data can be viewed and received through a variety of base stations and gateways which can receive up to 60 wireless transmitters.

The free powerful PC software is the quickest and simplest way of viewing data with added alarms and logging capabilities. A cloud platform for text and email alerts is also available.

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Watchlog Cloud Integration

Watchlog Vision is Hydrotechnik UK’s cloud-based data viewing and logging system for any Watchlog Wireless sensor signal (not Bluetooth).  One receiver gateway can display readings from up to 60 connected sensors. 

Alarms, logging and text or email alerts are all part of the powerful Vision cloud platform.

Watchlog is available now. 

A new brochure and more information is available for download at or a printed version on request from Hydrotechnik: 01159 003550.



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