WSCAD SUITE X: The Next Generation Electrical CAD

No matter if you are designing cabinet engineering, piping & instrumentation diagrams, fluid power or electrical schematics, building automation or electrical installation – WSCAD connects all the engineering data on one platform!

Nowadays, engineers operate in an exceedingly tough, competitive market, which means that reducing time spent on design and excluding errors and reworks – in other words, keeping costs down – is of paramount importance. With the modular and scalable WSCAD SUITE X, users operating in the areas of electrical engineering, cabinet engineering, P&ID, fluid engineering, building automation and electrical installation have access to all the tools they require for planning, development and construction of electrical machines, systems and building automation.

Any change made to a component in one discipline immediately reflects in all the other disciplines. WSCAD methodologies for standardisation, reuse and automation significantly reduce engineering time from several weeks to just a few hours or even minutes. At the same time, these practices also ensure a much higher quality of work.

 “The right CAE solution is one that minimises design and manufacturing time and costs.”

WSCAD has been developing smart electrical CAD solutions for over 29 years and have over 35,000 users that rely on their solutions. From it’s Head Office in Germany, the business has international partnerships with over 240 companies like SIEMENS and WAGO that ensures users have immediate access to over 1.3 million electrical CAD parts and metadata, helping to make the engineering design process easier.. Therefore, engineering is a lot easier this way. In 2018, WSCAD entered the UK market to expand their global footprint. “Panel builders constantly struggle against increasing price pressures and the need to meet tight delivery schedules. When it comes to meeting these challenges, however, the possibilities in the UK are expanding thanks to new CAE software that streamlines the design and construction of control cabinets, switchboards and flexible power distribution systems.” explains Steve Graham, UK Country Manager for WSCAD.

“The right CAE solution is one that minimises design and manufacturing time and costs. It should be a supportive guiding tool that helps bring out the best ideas in engineering design, sifting out mistakes and automating mundane tasks to let ideas flow. As the industry has steadily increased its movement toward full data digitisation, WSCAD has developed an innovative Augmented Reality App and the world’s largest Electrical CAD data library!”

 Steve Graham, UK Country Manager for WSCAD


Professional Cabinet Engineering with Augmented Reality

Highly specialised control panel manufacturers need to be equally proficient in both the technology and the skills of the trade. With the WSCAD Augmented Reality App, fitters mark wired connections using a tablet or smartphone and save the current status. Analysis continually ensures that nothing has been forgotten. Thanks to the additional filter functions according to device, wire section and colour, the digital way is faster and much more convenient than the familiar printing and ticking off on paper lists and schematic diagrams. The app also enables maintenance and service personnel to immediately access the latest schematics, product data and technical specifications for field devices and components in the control cabinet. It can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple AppStore* and Google Play*. Meanwhile have a look how it works:


The largest Electrical CAD data library – free of charge!

With over 1.3 million parts from 240 manufacturers, is by far the largest electrical CAD data library on the market, providing data in various formats. Schematics, cabinet design and digital twins are all completed much faster when engineers rely on for standard electrical parts. They just search, drag and drop the part into their project. A simple user registration and activation process is all that’s needed. At no cost, for free! So why don’t you register and try it out?

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