ACS introduces EM1024 High Precision SinCos Encoder Multiplier and Splitter

ACS Motion Control has launched a new High Precision SinCos Encoder Multiplier and Splitter for OEM machine designers. The EM1024 is a single-channel analog SinCos encoder multiplier and splitter designed for high precision motion control applications such as inspection and metrology systems. Two pairs of output encoder signals (four in total) are generated from the original incoming SinCos encoder signal; two buffered SinCos identical to the original, and two AqB with up to 1024 counts per SinCos period. The EM1024 enables higher accuracy and higher resolution triggering of devices in demanding motion control applications, such as wafer and flat panel inspection, and metrology, digital printing, and biomedical systems.

Common applications include:

  • Generating high-speed position-based signals (PEG outputs) or capturing high-speed position-based events (MARK inputs) at high resolutions with SinCos encoders.
  • External devices (e.g. camera triggering boards) requiring digitised encoder signals from a SinCos encoder.
  • Motion controllers or drives that do not support SinCos encoder inputs, but that must interface with SinCos encoders.

Key features of the EM1024 include:

  • Sophisticated filtering, gain/phase/offset, and hysteresis calibration features for optimal performance.
  • Compact DIN Rail mount form factor with D-Sub connectors for easy integration.
  • Jumper-selectable power supply input source (from controller/drive or external supply) to simplify integration.
  • Max SinCos encoder input frequency of 700 KHz (absolute maximum).
  • Max AqB encoder output frequency of 25 million cts/sec.

Jason Goerges, ACS Motion Control USA General Manager and Global Vice President of Marketing, commented: “We are pleased to add this compact yet powerful product to our offerings. The EM1024 offers higher precision and enhanced capabilities over its predecessor, and is available for immediate shipment.”

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