Advanced Interconnections Corp

Peel-A-Way® Removable Terminal Carriers provide an ultra-low profile, lightweight solution for loading socket or adapter terminals on a PC board. The flexible insulator can be easily removed for complete solder joint visibility or left in place for added stability.

TraceParts CAD-content platform

If you are a Designer or an Engineer, you can really speed up your design projects using TraceParts CAD-content platform is a powerful tool that gives you immediate more than 110 million 3D models & 2D CAD drawings for free.

With TraceParts, engineers and designers can configure, view, and download the CAD models for the products they need. This greatly simplifies and accelerates the design process, bringing them huge productivity savings and drastically reducing time-to-market when designing new products.

Motion control improves recycling efficiency

As waste recycling industries increasingly look towards technology to improve efficiency and productivity, many are turning to motion control as part of automation systems that improve throughput and optimise processing quality.

With the already ubiquitous use of sophisticated automated systems in large-scale industrial waste processing plants, where significant improvements continue to be made possible, manufacturers of special purpose equipment are turning to problem solving for smaller food waste, general waste recycling and materials recovery requirements that are found, for instance, in industrial kitchens, restaurant groups, food outlet chains, supermarkets and logistics companies.

WiFi enabled DirectSense® II Multi-Parameter Smart Probes

GrayWolf’s highly versatile DirectSense II probes are now available with WiFi built right into the probe. These cutting-edge air monitoring probes accommodate from two (2) up to eight (8) plug-and-play smart sensors into a single wall-mounted, desktop and/or portable housing. Choose from 25 different indoor air quality, green building, industrial hygiene and HVAC parameters including; TVOCs (PID), Carbon Dioxide (NDIR), Carbon Monoxide, Ozone, Nitrogen Dioxide, Ammonia, Sulfur Dioxide, Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, Nitric Oxide, Oxygen, Hydrogen, %RH, °C/°F and many others.

CleanBoy® – Cleanest air in the smallest space CleanBoy® as a cost-effective and portable clean room alternative

A clean environment – i.e. free of particles and germs – plays an increasingly important role in various branches of industry.

Particularly in working areas where airborne dust particles can lead to manufacturing defects or poor quality and thus to financial losses, it consequently seems necessary to set up clean rooms whose purchase and maintenance are often associated with high costs.

Sensor Cables | Sensor minus 50 / Sensor plus 150

The two new sensor cables from SAB are especially appropriate for an application with minus 50°C up to plus 150°C. The high flexibility, robustness and the large temperature range qualify these products for use in measuring and control technique, among others in test runs of trucks and cars at the polar circle or in extremely hot regions of the earth.

DTM CX86e Colour Tag Printer – The fast and compact printing solution for production, POS and POI applications

DTM CX86e is the world’s smallest and most cost-effective LED dry toner colour label printer and helps companies to produce very durable, versatile and professional colour labels and tags vs. standard black and white thermal prints.

IDS NXT ocean: Create an intelligent industrial camera without prior knowledge

Where rule-based machine vision has not been attempted or has reached its limits, there is a high potential for deep learning algorithms to support employees and drive forward automation. AI solutions usually require specialist knowledge, development effort, and investment in computing and data storage hardware. With the rise of cloud-based computing and dedicated training services, however, deep learning becomes more and more accessible.