Machine tool automation – does one size fit all?

The short answer is ‘no’. However, one automation company that offers an array of robotic solutions for improved manufacturing efficiency, that can be scaled to fit almost any application is REM Systems Erowa.

New flexible holder system (FHS) – Holds securely anywhere!

A new and innovative solution providing secure fastening of dynamic energy supply to robots.Wires, cables or cable protection conduits are fastened directly onto the robots via a modular holder system. This new solution is extremely versatile and compatible with a variety of different robot types. The Flexible Holder System offers secure anchorage, does not slip and fits anywhere! On straight or conical surfaces, on edges or different surfaces, profiles and diameters: the flexible holder system holds securely anywhere!

Sensor for testing DC motors

The company PCE Process Control Electronic GmbH has developed a sensor for non-contact testing of DC motors. The residual magnetic field of the pole housing is detected and evaluated. During start-up, the direction of rotation is determined, which is difficult with DC motors without contact to the axis. The direction of rotation can depend both on the polarity of the power supply and on the stator magnetic field. 

James Technical Services Ltd

Since 1995, JTS Ltd has been designing and building reliable, high-performing environmental test chambers for a wide variety of industries. The company is an independent specialist UK manufacturer, with design and build undertaken in-house by a team of skilled engineers and technicians.

Flowstore Systems Ltd

Reducing wastage is a fundamental part of a Kaizen approach on the production floor.  Floor space and human movements are two key area’s that can be optimised using Flowtube’s tube and joint solution to reduce waiting time throughout the production process.

Development of new Cleaning System for Precision Micro Components

High Quality Cleaning Pickle Rinsing & Drying Process

Helmholtz Coil Systems

Bartington Instruments has now added Helmholtz coil systems to its range. These generate precise magnetic fields ideal for calibration of magnetometers and compasses, and are currently used at Bartington’s own calibration facility.

Storage Tower Is Compact And Economical

On stand 18M100 at the IMHX 2019 logistics exhibition, to be held at the NEC in Birmingham from 24th to 27th September, KASTO will promote its energy-efficient storage tower, KASTOecostore, designed to provide a compact, standardised solution for automated storage and retrieval of material.