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Consistent, easily readable fonts set against a light or dark background can be solved well enough with traditional machine vision. But manufacturers need a new kind of dedicated OCR solution for when confusing backgrounds and imaging issues challenge their machine vision systems, and when the number and type of application-specific fonts are unpredictable. Badly deformed, skewed, and poorly etched codes are some of the common culprits. Other tricky codes are those involving low-contrast characters or codes printed, etched, dot-peened, or embossed on confusing backgrounds.

AMAP Sunderland Develops Laser Cut Door Opening Devices to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

A team of engineers at the University of Sunderland’s Automotive and Manufacturing Advanced Practice (AMAP) have come up with some clever products designed to help prevent the spread of Covid 19.

The Future of Condition Valve Monitoring By Imtex Controls

All industrial operations are continually driving to improve efficiency and productivity to increase profit margins and maximise bottom-line returns. In many sectors (such as the Oil and Gas Industry), this drive occurs against a back drop of heightened health and safety demands and environmental concerns as well as the need to implement improvements on old assets that can often be operating beyond their initial design life.

SICK’s SIG200 is an IO-Link Master and Control System in One

SICK has unveiled its SIG200 PROFINET Sensor Integration Gateway, the first in a family of intelligent Industry 4.0 gateways designed to work as both IO-Link Masters and small, distributed control systems in one. It makes light work of configuring localised sensor applications and, at the same time, opens up high-speed transfer of sensor status, parameter and diagnostics data with enterprise-level or cloud-based systems.

Designed for the future:  The Milliflex Oasis system for bioburden and water testing

Quality control in the pharmaceutical industry is a key component in the manufacturing of life saving drugs.

Monitoring the levels of microbial bioburden of raw materials, in-process samples, and final product requires products with precision.  Accidental contamination (false positives) due to manipulation in the lab can lead to manufacturing slowdowns, financial losses, and potential drug delivery delays to patients in need.

Packaging made from up to 100% recycled plastic

Every year we create huge amounts of plastic waste,Germany alone produces almost 6 million tonnes per year. Around one million tonnes of this waste comes from industrial sources, while the remaining 5 million tonnes come from domestic and commercial end users. Plastic waste which comes from domestic and commercial end users is referred to as post-consumer plastic i.e. plastic waste that is not involved in the production of another product.

Tecna High Quality Resistance Welding Machines & balancers

TECNA is a high quality Resistance Welding product which Wilkinson Star has distributed for over 30 years.  Wilkinson Star is the UK’s sole exclusive importer of TECNA Resistance Welding Equipment.

IDS NXT ocean: Create an intelligent industrial camera without prior knowledge

Artificial intelligence opens up new fields of application for camera technology and image processing. It can be
used, for example, to classify fruit varieties or to identify damaged parts (e.g. apples with marks or color deviations).
To cover all possible variances with classical image processing would be very time-consuming and costly.