Custom Filtration Solutions – Made in Britain

Croft Filters Ltd, based in Warrington England, have been supplying custom filtration and separation solutions for over 33 years. Throughout this time Croft has developed a reputation for their quality, bespoke service through manufacturing a variety of products for a range of different industries including:

  • Chemical
  • Water
  • Oil and Gas
  • Energy / District heating
  • Bio energy
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and Beverage

Amongst many others worldwide.

Bespoke Filtration Solutions

Croft specialises in custom filtration solutions, these are manufactured specifically to the Customer’s unique requirements. Croft can manufacture filters in any shape or design, these include: cones, baskets, screens and disc filters amongst others. Products are available in wire mesh, wedge wire and perforated plate, depending on the specifications. Croft continues to expand their product range; from self-cleaning filters to filter housings and custom punched perforated plate.

Croft’s experience within the market alongside their drive for innovation allows the company to solve unique filtration problems that Customers are faced with. Croft can design and manufacture specific filtration solutions for Customers in order to maximise the potential of Customer’s filtration processes.

Strictly Custom Manufactured!

Benefits of bespoke solutions for our customers:

  • The ability to design a filter around an operating system to give the best flow rate and filtration standard – improving the systems operating efficiency.
  • Peace of mind – knowing that the filter has been designed for that one purpose will offer reassurance that the filter will not fail.
  • Quality – We understand that while a filter may not be the most exciting part of an operating system to some people; quality is still vital in order to both allow the system to function effectively and to protect any vulnerable components within the systems.

What does quality look like in a filter?

  • Firstly, material. To ensure that the material is fit for purposes, all materials are from EU and North American sources and are available with material certification.
  • Welding within the filter. Croft’s workforce are highly trained in various types of welding techniques. These techniques, along with Croft’s eye for quality means that customers get a product that is built to last.
  • No broken holes – At Croft all perforated plate is punched in-house, this allows us to ensure there are no broken holes within the perforated plate used in many of our filter designs. This ultimately means that the filter’s apertures are the same across the filter, improving the filters efficiency.

Self-Cleaning Filters

In 2013 Croft became distributers for HiFlux Filtration A/S, a Danish manufacturer backed with 50 years experience within the filtration industry. As a result of this Croft have been supplying many industries with quality Self-Cleaning filters designed to reduce downtime and operating costs for the user.

With different models available for applications such as: Cooling, Refining and Filtering, the Self-Cleaners use a plunger or a series of scrapers to remove waste caught on the filter element inside the housing. This improves the flow through the filter and the lifetime of the element. The captured particles are then be ejected from the system without the need to stop the process or change the element, saving on downtime.

Not Just a Filter Specialists

Croft are ISO: 9001 certified and have a range of in-house capabilities to help meet customer demands. The company specialises in Additive Manufacturing (3D metal printing) and can deliver end use, industrial components.

Benefits of the Additive Manufacturing process, such as: part weight reduction, multi-part to single component and expanded design capabilities, allow Croft’s customers to re-think their approach to their designs in order to improve the efficiency and utility of their parts or to deliver other supply chain advantages. Croft can advise on how to get the most out of the AM technology in order for Customers to achieve their desired advantages. Whether that means to improve the function of a filtration solution or to develop a new solution all together.

Croft also have in-house laser cutting and hydraulic punching facilities as well as a range of press brakes and welders, to help solve problems that customers are faced with.

Quality of both product and service has been the key to Croft’s success; the Company takes great pride in understanding their customer’s needs, quickly supplying them with a high quality product that exceeds Customer’s expectations.

For more information about Croft’s filtration solutions or Croft’s Additive Manufacturing services:

Call: 01925 766265




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