DENSO to Showcase Mobility Solutions at 2019 North American International Auto Show

DENSO, the world’s second largest mobility supplier, together with its startup partners, will demonstrate the future of mobility at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, Michigan, from January 19-27, 2019. The company will host a press conference at its booth on January 15 at 12:20 p.m. EST.

At NAIAS, DENSO will highlight its long term commitment to help create the future of mobility and associated push into software-based solutions and connectivity. As the industry rapidly moves toward automated driving, electrification and shared mobility, DENSO continues to invest heavily in R&D to speed up the pace of innovation.

At DENSO’s booth, visitors will experience first-hand some of the solutions paving the way for the future of transportation and mobility:

  • Oculus Rift VR Connected Driving Demo: Attendees will drive a connected car using an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and experience the improved vehicle efficiency, safety and ease as if they’re in the cockpit.
  • Oculus Rift VR Autonomous Driving Demo: DENSO will display and explain how its sensors enable improved safety, next-generation V2X, human machine interface (HMI) and driver status monitoring technology for self-driving and autonomous vehicles, taking over the tasks of seeing, thinking and doing from drivers.
  • Powering Future Electric Vehicles & Shared Mobility: As vehicles become largely powered by renewable energy, electric batteries and fuel cells, visitors will see how DENSO inverters and other technologies will make electric vehicles more viable. DENSO will also showcase an example of what shared mobility could look like in the future.

“In our 15th consecutive year at NAIAS, attendees may take note that DENSO is showing up a little differently,” said Bill Foy, senior vice president of engineering at DENSO International America. “The auto industry is evolving at a rapid pace and we’re excited to showcase some of the recent changes and investments we’ve made as a company to increase the speed of innovation and help create the future of mobility.”

As part of its push to accelerate adoption of mobility solutions, DENSO has invested nearly $100 million in startups around the world working on technologies and solutions central to that effort. Some of the startups will join DENSO at its booth:

  • ThinciTM will demonstrate its Graph Streaming ProcessorTM, Autonomous Driving SuiteTM, and Plug & Code AI PlatformTM.
  • Canatu will display smart 3D shaped touch surfaces for car interiors, reducing driver distraction and the new 3D shaped heating solutions enabling autonomous driving in any weather.

Leading DENSO International America Inc. (DIAM) executives will hold a press conference at DENSO’s booth on January 15 at 12:20 p.m. EST to discuss the company’s new vision for the future of mobility and further strategic investments to support it.

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