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McDowell Unveil New Partnership

McDowell Machining Technologies are once again demonstrating why they are a market leader in machining technologies. The Scottish based company specializes in advanced machine tool solutions for industries such as aerospace, general machining, oil and gas, energy, truck & train and heavy Industry.

Multi-Stage Scrubber for Dioxins

Davidson Clark Ltd – Chemical Engineers. Air quality analysis – Gas scrubbing – Heat transfer – In-situ fume particle size analysis – Pilot plants

Custom designed gas scrubber to remove particulates, metal oxides, products of combustion, tar fumes & dioxins.

Performance Boost for Smart Displays

demmel products is setting new standards in smart displays with their new high-resolution IPS displays: the company is introducing a new, high-performance product line of JAVA programmable iLCDs.

IDS NXT ocean: Create an intelligent industrial camera without prior knowledge

Deep learning opens up new fields of application for industrial image processing, which previously could only be solved with great effort or not at all. The new, fundamentally different approach to classical image processing causes new challenges for users – it’s necessary to think differently. Therefore, IDS presents the all-in-one embedded vision AI solution IDS NXT ocean with which every user can implement AI-based image processing in just a few steps without programming knowledge, and execute it on a camera as an embedded inference system. This makes deep learning particularly user-friendly. 


The Anti-Counterfeit Forum’s 11th annual seminar, to be held on Wednesday 1st April 2020 at BAE Systems Park Centre in Farnborough, will focus on current trends and threats and new developments in combating counterfeits in the supply chain. As well as current and emerging new threats, delegates will also be able to hear about current and developing best practice for the management of counterfeits in the supply chain, current and developing new methods for the detection of counterfeits and how to access further information, much of it free of charge.

Absolutely reliable. Even under harsh conditions.

Corrosion protection starts well before the first coat of paint. The corrosion kit MMS® Inspection comprises three devices that are needed before, during and after surface coating. With the SPG, you can reliably measure the surface profile. The DPM provides all the necessary data for determining the dew point. The powerful DFT is your mobile
companion for all coating thickness tasks (ferrous and non-ferrous substrates).

Obsolescence is here to stay but it can be managed!

Globalisation, business consolidation and short development and production cycles, particularly in electronics, mean that components and equipment are often withdrawn from the market within 5-10 years of their launch; if the economic life of your asset is 30 years, sustaining the asset quickly becomes problematical.

PC Mounding & Automation Ltd

At PCMoulding & Automation Ltd we design, manufacture and install bespoke automation systems throughout the UK across all industries, specialising in injection moulding for the automotive sector.