DVR Ltd is one of the leading Contract Electronic Manufacturers (CEM) in the UK.

Over the past three years, DVR has invested more than £2 million in new equipment and services that have enabled DVR to work with some blue chip organisations. Take a look at our website and see how far DVR have progressed, The DVR modern 25,000sq.ft bespoke facility is only the start, our equipment list is of the highest standard and DVR are able to boast of having some exclusive machinery not used elsewhere in the UK. Our investment does not stop there, without investing in people DVR would be unable to progress, therefore, DVR have employed a dedicated in-house trainer this ensures not only our equipment is at the forefront, but our employees are too. This future-proofs DVR and helps towards sustainability in electronic assembly long into the future.

Our investment continues. In 2020, a difficult period for many DVR continues to grow. We have further added to our portfolio one of the firs Mycronic Trilogy lines in the UK. Th addition of this line alone has increased our manufacturing capacity by a further 25% on a single shift currently working at DVR. To complement the new SM line and due to its speed to produce high volume electronic assemblies we have included a 3D AOI (automated optical inspection) in-line inspection system to maximise the throughput further.

Processing just electronic assemblies is only one element to DVRs’ capability. DVR have a dedicated wave soldering and 3-selective soldering systems that are completely automated process. The accuracy and quality of soldering is essential when dealing with today’s modern electronic components. Consistent temperature and joint formation are essential when dealing with double sided multilayer PCBs’.

DVR also have dedicated in-house testing systems enabling DVR to test all modern RF based and conventional electronics. DVR can also design and build dedicated test systems for our customers if required.

We also carry out  X-Ray Inspection, mechanical assembly, cabling, potting and conformal coating to further add value to the many services provided by a professional organisation.

The development of our services does not stop at the electronic assembly. DVR has dedicated in-house design engineers that are developing projects for our customers that range in diversity and use. Indeed, DVR is proud to partner with the London Underground on projects that monitor the movement of trains on the underground. Other projects for London Underground include the development of LED lights as a direct replacement for traditional filament bulbs. DVR now have a dedicated LU design team.

For more information about DVR please contact us directly.

Telephone: 01268 530032 or email Please ensure you visit our website for further information and a video of our magnificent facility.

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