It is now 45 years since we started supplying our UK 45 years customers with Hangsterfer’s Metal Working Fluids

Bioconcept, the new buzzword for coolants made without harmful bactericides, working with nature instead of trying to fight it. Much safer for operators and eliminating the requirement to carry out dipslide testing for bacteria. When was this bactericide free concept conceived? In the mid 1950s Dr William Hangsterfer developed and introduced to the market his concept of bactericide free coolants. He called them the 500 series Throughout the next, almost 70 years, the S500 version was refined and improved on to be the S500 we know today with several more variations introduced.

S500CF – The chlorine free version of the S500. Base oil severely hydrotreated. LD50 greater than 15g/Kg. No bactericides, no amines, no boric acid. No need to carry out bacteria dipslide testing. A combination of mineral and vegetable oils gives outstanding results on a wide range of materials from aluminium to exotic alloys. Approved by the worlds leading aircraft manufacturers, Rolls Royce, Boeing, Kawasaki, Bombardier and many more.

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S555 – A version of the S500CF for hard water. Also contains an additive to help prevent staining on yellow metals and aluminium

5040 – High end vegetable based micro emulsion suitable for all materials including exotic alloys. Low consumption with low top up. Hazard warning label free.

5080 – One of Hangsterfer’s highest performing vegetable based coolants. Exceptional tool life even on the most exotic materials. Very low top up. Hazard warning label free. Full Rolls Royce and Boeing approval.

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