MurrSystems has launched the corrosion-free KDL/H-VA FDA cable system.

Both the stainless steel frame, the sleeve holders and sleeves made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) meet the FDA directives. It is highly resistant to detergents, lubricants and oils and fully seals up to IP69K. Making the KDL/H-VA-FDA ideally suitable for demanding and sensitive environments.

The multi-part frame enables insertion of pre-assembled cables securely and easily. Take the hassle out of fitting or replacing cables with connectors at a later date or when the machine is already in operation. The KDL/H-VA-FDA multi part frame guarantees an easy and uninterrupted cable entry. Making machine maintenance quicker and simpler. Cables do not need to be disassembled to be inserted or replaced.

The KDL/H-VA-FDA is very flexible when it comes to the number and diameter of openings, as well as different sizes and types of cable entry grommets. This ensures a significantly higher packing density and a higher flexibility. Due to the simple and fast entry of up to 48 pre-assembled cables, many cables can be inserted in the most confined spaces.

Depending on the number and diameter of the cables, the KDL/H-VA-FDA consists of a two- or three-part very stable stainless-steel frame and a two- or three-part split grommet holder with different, split grommets.

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MurrSystems is the new brand name of Murrplastik.

MurrSystems is represented by Murrelektronik in the UK. 0161 728 3133

KDL/H-VA-FDA equipped with cables

Frame: The completely splittable KDL/H-system consists of a very stable, FDA-compliant V2A stainless steel frame. Due to the multi-part frame, the system can be installed during the machine build or retrospectively. Further modifications are possible at any time. The number and diameter of the openings determine whether a two- or three-part frame is used. Both frame types are adapted to the standard cut-outs in housings (16- or 24-pin) and are fastened with four M5 screws. This reduces the customer’s effort for the housing processing to a minimum.

Cable entry block: The cable entry block (KDB) – which is inserted into the frame – is also single or double row due to the frame construction. It is made of FDA-compliant TPE and is coloured blue (RAL 5015) for identification. The grommet block and grommets together form the seal for the cables and to the housing wall. Advantage: no separate seals are required that can get lost.

Cable entry grommets: The wide range of variable and sealing cable entry grommets type KDT/X guarantees a high flexibility of cable entries. So the size and type of grommets can be chosen to suit the application on the basis of the cable diameters and number of pre-assembled cables. Standard grommets, multi-line grommets and dummy grommets are available.

On request multi-line grommets are available. Enabling two to four pre-assembled, round cables can be inserted into one grommet without any problems. This means greater flexibility and a higher packing density – that is more cables in a confined space.

If individual cable entries in the grommet block are not required, dummy grommets seal the grommet holder tightly up to protection class IP 69K. All grommets type KDT/X guarantee this very high tightness and are compatible with other cable entry systems. They are slit (except for the dummy grommets) and therefore suitable for inserting cables with plugs.

There are grommets available for cable diameters from 2-22 mm (in the 1 mm range: 2-3, 3-4, 4-5, etc.). The small grommets are for cables with a diameter of 2-12 mm. The medium grommets are for cable diameters from 12-22. Adapter grommets are required to fit small grommets into medium grommet slots. This allows cables up to 12 mm in diameter to be sealed.

KDL/H-VA-FDA in disassembled display with individual parts


Advantages of the KDL/H-VA-FDA

  • Subsequent assembly of cables with plugs with splittable cable entry (two or three-part, depending on number of openings). No time-consuming disassembly of plugs.
  • Maintain system guarantee for the cable plugs of the manufacturers due to interruption-free cable entry.
  • Safe cable entry with highly robust stainless steel frame and very high tightness up to IP69K.
  • High resistance to detergents, lubricants and oils. Suitable for demanding surroundings like food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries by fulfilling the FDA directives.
  • High packing density with the insertion of up to 48 pre-assembled cables.
  • High flexibility with the large number of entries as well as the different cable grommet types (standard, adapter, multi-line and dummy grommets).
  • Time-saving and easy assembly due to completely splittable system with slotted cable grommets and grommet block with reception openings.
  • No separate sealings required, that can get lost, as grommet block and grommets form the sealing for the cables.
  • By adaption to the standard cut-outs (24, 16-pin) the effort for the work at the housing is reduced to a minimum.
  • Integrated strain relief using the grommets makes strain relief with an extra module redundant.

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