New flexible holder system (FHS) – Holds securely anywhere!

A new and innovative solution providing secure fastening of dynamic energy supply to robots.Wires, cables or cable protection conduits are fastened directly onto the robots via a modular holder system. This new solution is extremely versatile and compatible with a variety of different robot types. The Flexible Holder System offers secure anchorage, does not slip and fits anywhere! On straight or conical surfaces, on edges or different surfaces, profiles and diameters: the flexible holder system holds securely anywhere!

Maximum flexibility: Two base bodies – three fastening options

The versatile FHS consists of two different base bodies, which can be used with three different fastening options and a velcro tape in various lengths. A flexible, secure and easy energy supply system.

Option1 – Flexible Holder System with System Holder – FHS-SH

This option is ideal for guiding and stabilizing small energy supplies. The system is designed for low to medium travel speed and is suited to gliding or fixed assembly of the cable protection conduit. The FHS-SH is highly recommended for the energy supply for original equipment as well as subsequent installations.

The FHS-SH system, which includes the system holder SH M25/M32, is suitable for conduits sizes M25/P21 and M32/P29. The flexible holder system can be individually equipped with the inlays of the system holder. Thus, for strain relief the KEG-ZL with cable ties and KEG-K with cable star can be used or for specific fixing the ball joints KMG-F (fixed) and KMG-G (gliding).

Option 2 – The Flexible holder system with one-piece universal holder – FHS-UHE

The Flexible holder system with one-piece universal holder allows simple and safe initial assembly, but also enables subsequent assembly or disassembly to be quick and hassle free. The one-piece, undetachable locking clip, allows replacement of cable protection conduits with one click just in seconds. The FHS-UHE is particularly recommended for avoiding axial displacements of the cable protection conduits within dynamic and simple applications.

The one-piece universal holder is available for two different conduit sizes: UHE M32/P29 and UHE M25/P21. If required, an end grommet can be mounted for an additional protection of wires and cables. It closes off the open end of the protection conduit as well as a centring device for exiting wires and cables. The end grommet is used as protection against dirt and at the same time offers a slight strain relief.

Flexible holder system with looped Velcro – FHS-C

The third option is the flexible holder system with looped velcro tape (FHS-C).  With this configuration, the wires, cables and cable protection conduits are attached to the robot arm directly, safely and without damaging the cables. With various velcro tape lengths available, this system is very versatile and fits various robot arm diameters, as well as wires, cables and protection conduits. A further advantage of direct mounting with the velcro tape is that no tool is required for mounting, there are no loose and detachable components and the design is flat and compact.

The design makes the difference – The Base Body

The special design of the base body and the specially coated velcro tape ensures that the base body is fastened to the robot arm safely and securely. It also guarantees a gentle support and slip resistance of the wires, cables and protection conduits.

Both versions of the base body have an anti-slip rubber coating (red soft component) at the support surface of the robot arm. This provides secure hold and gentle support without scratching the surface. While the FHS-SH has a slip-free coating only at the bottom of the base body, the FHS-UHE and FHS-C have a red soft component on the bottom, the side parts up to the upper side. This functionality guarantees a slip-free and gentle mounting of the energy supply anytime.

The flexible velcro tape has a special coating on the inside ensuring that the system is  quickly and securely to the robot arm. The coating is made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) allowing a cable-friendly and slip-free assembly on the base body. The various lengths allow a continuous adjustment and are suitable for various diameters (robot types and energy packages).

For more information contact the UK office on 0161 728 3133 or Email Murrplastik is represented by Murrelektronik in the UK.

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