Silverson High Shear Laboratory Mixers

Silverson Laboratory Mixers are changing to a new Engineered Polymer body. The L5M-A Laboratory model is now built for increased durability and ease of maintenance with the bench stand finished in a tough, easy-to-clean, non-chip white engineered polymer with radiused edges. This Engineered Polymer model has been extensively tested and has already been supplied to customers in the UK and parts of Europe for the last year. The rest of the mixer remains as it was with all wetted parts in grade 316 stainless steel with the exception of the bush, which may be bronze alloy or PTFE. The flat base is covered by a removable non-slip mat, which is resistant to most solvents.

Silverson Laboratory mixers are ideal for all laboratory work, research and development, QA analysis and small scale production in all industries. These mixers are suitable for the widest range of applications – mixing, emulsifying, homogenising, disintegrating and dissolving – with an efficiency and flexibility unmatched by other machines. With a capacity from 1ml up to 12 litres and the ability to mix in-line with flow rates up to 20 litres/minute, they offer excellent reproducibility when scaling up to full-scale production and provide an accurate and easy means of forecasting the performance of larger Silverson machines under full-scale working conditions.

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