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A highlight from the AS-Schneider Group at the ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi (U.A.E.) at booth 8840 in hall 8: The new Digital Valve Kit, providing plant operators with remote access and remote control of their valves, as well as indicating the current health status of the installed valves. In addition, the specialist for industrial valves will present valves for hydrogen and high-pressure applications.

Every year, technicians install millions of mechanical components in new or old plants – a large proportion of which are valves and valve manifolds. To take advantage of the IIoT, suppliers, plant engineers and operators must include these valves in the digital twin of the plant. This is exactly where the AS-Schneider Group comes in, developing valve solutions that can be easily integrated into the global and digital industrial infrastructure of the future.

For several years, AS-Schneider has been offering its customers the so-called Digital Product Pass for valves, which fulfills the requirements of DIN SPEC 91406 (IEC 61406). The E Series Valves and Manifolds, Monoflanges, VariAS-Blocks and DBB Piping Ball Valves are marked with a unique QR code. The user can scan this or enter the individual serial number at That QR-code provides easy access to static product information like technical specification, activity – specific docs, individual drawings, certificates, and spare parts.

Having joined the Digital Data Chain Consortium (Digital Data Chain) recently AS-Schneider will now move this to the next level by norming the data according to VDI 2770 and providing the data package via 3rd platform (so-called cloud-based information exchange platform). The first insights are shared by AS-Schneider at booth 8840 in hall 8.

Digitalization – Digital Valve Kit (DVK)

In addition to the static Digital Product Pass, AS-Schneider is currently working on a dynamic solution to sense or capture data, the so-called Digital Valve Kit.

The Digital Valve Kit provides plant operators with remote access and remote control of their valves as well as indicates the current health status of the installed valves. The DVK provides all alerts to the maintenance team in a timely manner. This enables them to react in time and initiate further measures at an early stage. The system is compliant with all industry-relevant standards (e.g. NAMUR standard).

A live demo of this can be seen daily at the ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi (U.A.E.) at 11 a.m., 02 p.m. and 04 p.m. at the AS-Schneider booth 8840.

Valves for hydrogen applications

AS-Schneider’s valves have been successfully used for hydrogen for more than 20 years – all valves and manifolds as well as the DBB ball valves are suitable for this purpose. The instrumentation and piping valves can also be used safely in natural gas applications with, for example, a 20% hydrogen blending. This feature is particularly interesting for natural gas plant operators and gas network operators who want to convert their natural gas pipelines for hydrogen.

AS-Schneider recommends austenitic stainless steel 316 or 316L as the optimum material for instrumentation and pipeline valves in the hydrogen industry. Other materials are also possible – but those responsible should ensure that non-metallic valve materials such as seals and lubricants are compatible with the hydrogen medium. There are lists of these in the standards and norms (Sandia, ISO/TR, SAE).

When the user selects the appropriate valve head unit, he must first check whether the operating environment is closed or open. If the environment is open, he can use the standard valve head unit from AS-Schneider. If the valve is mounted in a closed, non-ventilated environment – which could be a protective shade or a container – then increased tightness requirements. Those will be covered with special valve inserts (Fugitive Emission Standards like TA-Luft or bellow sealed valves).

Plant operators can get advice from the hydrogen experts at ADIPEC at booth 8840 to find the right material and valve head units for their specific requirements.

Valves for high pressure applications

Pressure is one of the most important parameters when it comes to optimally controlling and regulating processes. Instrumentation requirements are increasing due to new oil and gas production techniques used in deep-water offshore and enhanced oil recovery operations. Higher pressures are still being generated, which the valves must be able to withstand. Therefore, users need robust, durable, and reliable valves for safe and accurate measurement results.

For such tough applications, the AS-Schneider Group is the right solution provider. Their high-pressure valves are designed and tested for superior pressure-performance for all critical applications in the Oil & Gas, Chemical and Petrochemical Industry. The valves allow leak tight shut-off, and thus provide more safety.

AS-Schneider at the ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi (U.A.E.): Hall 08 I Booth 8840

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