Creating Clockwork Productivity: How AZ Pneumatica Achieved 80% Efficiency with Automation & Robots

Forget manual labour and misplaced parts! AZ Pneumatica, a leading Italian manufacturer of pneumatic valves and cylinders, has undergone a robotic revolution. This transformation, achieved through a two-phase collaboration with Kardex, boasts an impressive 80% increase in picking speed and a near-elimination of picking errors (a 90% reduction!).

in Demand

Imagine juggling over 60,000 components, all whizzing through a complex manufacturing process for worldwide distribution. That was the reality for AZ Pneumatica. As demand soared, managing this intricate operation became a logistical nightmare. The company needed a way to streamline production and distribution fast.

Enter the Kardex Automation & Robotic solution

The answer came in the form of a strategic partnership with Kardex, spanning over two decades. Together, they devised a two-phase plan to automate AZ Pneumatica’s processes:

  • Phase 1: The Efficiency Boost (2021): This phase saw the deployment of a high-tech squad – 2 VBM Kardex Miniload-in-a-box and 4 VLM Kardex Shuttles. These automated systems not only ramped up daily order processing but also slashed human error rates.
  • Phase 2: The Space Squeeze (2023): With efficiency under control, the focus shifted to maximising space. A new team of automated solutions arrived – 1 VBM Kardex Miniload-in-a-box and 2 VLM Kardex Shuttles. These systems optimised production areas by reclaiming space previously occupied by semi-finished product storage. But that’s not all! Four Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) joined the fray, automating the transportation of goods between different floors of the facility.

More Than Just Speed

The benefits of this automation and robotic takeover extend far beyond lightning-fast picking. AZ Pneumatica has also achieved:

  • Reclaimed Space: The space previously used for storage can now be dedicated to production activities. Plus, maximising even more by using wasted overhead space.
  • Empowered Workforce: By automating repetitive tasks, employees can focus on more strategic and value-adding production roles.
  • Minimised Mistakes: The automated system significantly reduces the risk of human error in picking and handling.

A Collaboration for the Future

The success story of AZ Pneumatica and Kardex showcases the transformative power of automation. By embracing full automation and robotics, AZ Pneumatica has not only conquered their production challenges but also positioned themselves for a future of operational excellence.

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