Impact sucks your waste away Automated waste packaging removal solution

With each passing year, the volume of waste plastic film, bags, cling pallet wrap, paper, and other flexible packaging materials, used by large ecommerce companies, fulfilment groups, supermarkets, mega warehouses, and distribution facilities, continues to rise.As consumer habits move away from the high street and towards online shopping and returns, this is only going to continue and contribute to a huge logistical challenge to manage unwanted flexible materials. In-house waste disposal is becoming increasingly important and more reliable and effective solutions for removing, transporting, and recycling waste, are essential.

In many instances, the simple waste bin or cage is still widely used in these facilities to allow operators to dispose of unwanted mixed packaging during their daily duty. These are then manually moved to central waste collection points or compactors.

Impact Air System’s solutions for large ecommerce and fulfilment giants are engineered to allow the operators to hand feed unwanted flexible material such as adhesive tape backing, garment bags, pallet wrapping, tissue paper or other similar waste products directly into a dedicated local suction point, located near the workstation. No more bins clogging up the work area or wasted time walking to and from central compactors or waste cages. No more slip or trip hazards when waste collects on the floor, significantly reducing labour costs and time. There is also the added benefit of better recycling rates of this material if sorted at the source and bulk compacted or baled, resulting in a significant reduction in handling and transportation costs and treatment fees at the waste site.

Think vacuum cleaner, just on a much larger scale and integrated into the building’s structure. Waste is collected from the source of generation, transported through a ductwork system at a high level, freeing up valuable floor space. A fan provides the suction, moving material at high speeds to a central recycling area for compacting or baling.

Systems can be designed to collect material from multiple workstations simultaneously and transport it long distances to a convenient point, even move the waste to the outside of the building. Each system can be built bespoke to each packing/unpacking scenario depending on the number of workstations, material quantity and space within the facility.

Impact Air Systems works within a wide range of industry sectors, providing air-based technologies to improve productivity, increase recycling rates, reduce manpower, and save money, all whilst fulfilling environmental responsibilities.

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