Customised online-monitoring of industrial processes and waste water streams

Metrohm Process Analytics presents the 2060 Process Analyser, an integrated solution for 24/7 online-monitoring of critical chemical parameters in industrial processes and wastewater streams. The new system is entirely modular by design enabling custom configurations for monitoring single or multiple process streams.

Ultimate modularity: Metrohm Process Analysers are well known for their modular configuration concept; we have now taken that flexibility one step further. The Metrohm 2060 Process Analyser not only offers modularity within one cabinet, but also can contain up to four cabinets to create one single analyser platform.

Ultimate analytical capabilities: One or multiple parameters, in single or multiple streams varying from trace levels to high concentrations in a single configuration. Using multiple analysis techniques, the 2060 Process Analyser is capable of covering a broad range of applications and concentrations by bringing the proven and high-quality Metrohm analysis modules from the lab to the process.

Robust industrial design (IP66): The analyser is designed to withstand harsh process environments which results in a long analyser lifetime and increased uptime due to less maintenance intervals.  Strict separation of wet part and electronics ensures safe operation in harsh environments with the ability to perform regular analyser checks without any interruptions.

Virtually unlimited sample conditioning options: Metrohm Process Analytics provides virtually any sample pre-conditioning system, such as cooling or heating, pressure reduction, degassing, filtration, and many more to meet your everyday challenges.

Sophisticated data communication: Ethernet TCP/IP Network communication for remote operation & support, MODBUS TCP/IP and web services. Digital inputs for remote control, digital outputs for status or alarms and analog outputs for results.

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