DOSCH DESIGN – Your innovative partner for a successful 3D-experience

Since 1995 DOSCH DESIGN has been a fixture in quality CG products by staying on the cutting edge in 3D-design, animation, architectural visualizations, print publishing, motion design, etc.With its well-diversified product range DOSCH DESIGN supports CG artists in their daily work.

Especially in the field of Mechanical Engineering, tool making or the automotive industry, 3D-Design has become an indispensable element. Photography can afford incredible, but it also has its limits. This is not least known in mechanical engineering, where custom-made products and often also very large objects are commonplace. In addition, machines are usually moved in assembly halls, which are not suitable as an environment for good photographs. That’s why many companies choose 3D-Design to perfectly showcase their products and services.

DOSCH DESIGN has developed a lot of helpful visualization tools that make life easier for designers and have become an integral part of many users’ creative arsenal. The company places great importance on depicting 3D models realistically – no matter whether these relate to manufacturing, engineering, vehicles, buildings, industry, nature or garden, to name but just a few. However, DOSCH DESIGN don’t just leaves it at the mere creation of an individual object; instead, they pay great attention to the many little details around the product. For instance, car models include detailed depictions of brakes, wheels, bumpers, doors, seats and the electronics. These details are an important part of marketing for supply companies and manufacturers who want to visualize processes for publications, animations or instruction manuals.

DOSCH DESIGNs extensive product range is divided into the following categories:


offers completely textured 3D-models for all popular 3D-applications. Users can select from over 100 products in different areas, like environments, nature, factory and production, people or vehicles.

DOSCH Textures

Seamlessly tileable multi-layer textures for 3D-design, animation, CAD or print applications. Each product provides around 100 depictions which can be applied to 3D models.


allow users to incorporate highly realistic, complex and stunning lighting in their 3D-scenes.
Perfect shadow casting and reflections create new dimensions of realism in any rendering.

DOSCH Viz-Images

contain perfect 2D-“cutouts” of people, cars, road elements, etc. Loading DVIs into Photoshop is a breeze, and direct use in 3D-scenes is possible through included planar 3D model.


supports your motion design professionally with quality royalty-free music & sound effects. These loopable audio effects are optimized for the use in advertising or trailers.




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