Versatile cable entry solutions for all shapes and sizes

CONTA-CLIP’s comprehensive range of IP66 cable entry systems and a vast selection of sealing elements provide a highly flexible solution for routing cables, conduits and pipes.

Available from OEM Automatic Ltd, 0116 284 9900,

Retrofitting of cables and maintenance work requires very little effort.  The seals are available with multiple holes and unused positions can be sealed with blind plugs, always allowing for any future additional cables to be easily inserted.

The KDSClick system enables easy, highly flexible cable management.  Users will no longer have to machine enclosures to suit specific applications because any setup of cables, wires and conduits can be modified at any time with just a few simple steps.

Frame-based cable entry system

The KDS portfolio of multi-cable entry systems for rectangular as well as round enclosure openings ensures safe cable entry with IP66 ingress protection and reliable strain relief working towards DIN EN 62444.  The easy-to-assemble systems are available in various different designs with up to 30 cable openings.  The KDSClick system, which is based on a simple modular principle and is comprised of only three basic components, is available in four sizes for 4, 6, 8, or 10 sealing elements.

Unlike designs from other manufacturers, where the frame that holds the sealing elements has to be opened and then screwed tight again, CONTA-CLIP has developed a one-piece rigid plastic frame that only needs fitting once.  Featuring an injected foam gasket, the frame is screwed onto the enclosure from the outside and preserves the high protection rating even on painted or rough surfaces.  To accommodate the necessary wiring configurations, various inlays can then be simply inserted in the frame.

Once the cables, with or without plugs, have been pushed through the inlays, the sealing elements (featuring a wave cut split) are fitted around them individually.  The portfolio currently already comprises over 100 sealing elements for cable and conduit diameters from 2mm to 35mm with 1, 2 and 4 slots for industrial flat ribbon cables as well as blind plugs.  The tapered seals can be easily pressed into the frame/inlay from inside the enclosure while the design also ensures an IP66 tight fit.

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