Obsolescence issues beat on the door of any organisation that operates complex engineering equipment. Specialist equipment manufacturers such as Drallim already seek to ensure that their products provide a very long life, but this is now being driven even harder by end users aiming for greater sustainability and “green” credentials. In truth it just makes great economic sense to the user and creates real customer loyalty, while minimising global resource consumption.


Drallim has been committed to longevity of its products throughout their 60+ years of trading. Indeed, examples of their Rotary Selector Valves, Compressor Desiccators and Cargo Hooks are regularly returned for service and repair with some having seen over 40 years continuous service. Obsolescence issues are inevitable over this sort of period, but careful management and planning have allowed them to provide these very long product support periods. Electronic equipment provides the most significant challenges and even over relatively short periods of just a few years component availability can dry up suddenly, as has happened for many users during the Covid crisis. Establishing long term support contracts with key customers allows planning ahead to mitigate problems arising by using smart procurement techniques, stocking of components and or redesign exercises.

Increasingly Drallim Industries are seeing demand from new customers for obsolescence review and reverse engineering services to produce vital spare parts with a failed supply chain. Projects have included special manufacture of obsolete metals, redesign, and qualification of electronic assemblies through to reconstruction of specialist fabric assemblies and redesign of cast or forged components for low volume supply. Contact sales@drallim.com for help and information.

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