DSEAR 3 DAY COURSE – Risk Assessment Training

Our “Three Day” DSEAR training course is aimed at those who may be responsible for conducting risk assessments, but are not necessarily fully confident to do so with such a technical subject.

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The Course Content :

  • Legal foundations of DSEAR and COSHH
  • How Fires and explosions occur,
  • The fundamentals of understanding the explosive potential – Deflagrations
  • Understanding the Chemical Properties of a substance
  • Risks resulting from improper storage or handling of substances
  • The danger triangle and dust pentagon.
  • Dust explosion potentials

An overview of the regulations is included along with, explanations and understanding of solvents and their physical properties, explosive dusts, ATEX classifications and coding, gas groups, temperature ratings and BS 60079-10 Ex Zone determination, all giving a greater understanding of how ATEX fits into the DSEAR equation when establishing hazardous zones.

Reference is also drawn to the theoretical understanding of flammable vapours with examples of how the Lower Explosive Limit can be converted into a meaningful quantity or volume of chemical per cubic metre of space.

The course includes:

  • A detailed 140-page, training manual for all delegates
  • Working group activities
  • A “multiple choice” exam
  • Buffet Lunch Tea Coffee and refreshments.

Venue and Dates 2021: Cannock Staffordshire

3rd – 5th August
12-15th October


01952 947682   07989 597569

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