Extra corrosion resistance for range of BPHE’s

SWEP has launched a new range of brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHE) that keep tap water applications running efficiently for longer.

This is achieved by SWEP Sealix®, a thin film technology that is applied on all surfaces inside the heat exchanger and protects against corrosion, fouling and scaling and increases durability.

The protective Sealix® is used in most of the HIUs and substations that encounter drinking water, to increase the lifetime and the operational safety of the entire system. This reduces maintenance costs and unplanned downtime. The innovative self-cleaning coating minimises deposit formation and prevents contamination while protecting the surface.

SiO2 based coatings are recognised worldwide and approved by the United States Food and Drug administration, the European Food Safety Authority and the Japan Inspection Association of Food and Industry Environment.


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