Flowstore Systems Ltd

Reducing wastage is a fundamental part of a Kaizen approach on the production floor.  Floor space and human movements are two key area’s that can be optimised using Flowtube’s tube and joint solution to reduce waiting time throughout the production process.

When Kaizen focused businesses embark on a continuous improvement journey, one of the most difficult spaces to optimise is the production floor with its fixed machinery and furniture restricting what can be re-organised quickly at a reasonable cost.

This is where using flexible gravity flow racking, workstations, workbenches, trolleys and carts can allow a business to adapt its furniture to new improvements in processes.  As an example, the ability to adapt the furniture by adjusting the angle of the shelves or to make the shelves deeper can improve flow racks that implement FIFO systems with loading and unloading at opposite sides thus optimising space used on the factory floor and reducing steps taken during the order picking process. 

Aluminium profile systems such as Flowtube use a tube and bracket solution allowing Kaizen teams and process engineers to develop the ideal gravity flow rack, workstation or trolley for their production line and rapidly deploy for faster results.  The additional benefit of being able to make continuous improvements by quickly adjusting the brackets or adding roller tracks allows the furniture life to be extended but more importantly allow continuous improvement to be a regular process with a lower associated cost.

Trolleys, carts, workstations and workbenches can also be tailored to meet individual station requirements that can have bins and signage added to support Kanban systems, and continuously evolve with simple modifications as new improvement opportunities are identified.

Flowtube’s wide range of aluminium profiles, joints and accessories allows Kaizen teams to develop the perfect solution for their process with no real limitations to how the solution can be designed, including innovative gravity flow racks and Karakuri solutions that use mechanical solutions rather than external power, personalised workstations and workbenches, and trolleys and carts designed specifically for its picking task.  The ease of building a system from scratch allows all people involved in the production line to quickly trial ideas this creating a more Kaizen focused environment.  Where heavier goods are being handled, stainless tubes variants are available to offer greater strength and the same flexibility.




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