James Technical Services Ltd

Since 1995, JTS Ltd has been designing and building reliable, high-performing environmental test chambers for a wide variety of industries. The company is an independent specialist UK manufacturer, with design and build undertaken in-house by a team of skilled engineers and technicians.

Environmental testing is an essential process in the research and development of new products, and the maintenance of quality and reliability of established product lines. Using the right environmental test chamber to simulate given conditions, such as heat, cold, humidity, dust, vibration and pressure, ensures products meet industry standards, improving quality and minimising failures.

JTS Ltd specialises in designing and building systems for temperature, humidity, rain, dust and vibration testing, with units ranging from small bench-top chambers to walk-in rooms, and air conditioning units to supply independent test rigs.

Operating from a modern purpose-built factory unit in Mid-Wales, JTS engineers will work with you, from initial enquiry through quote, design and delivery to training and after sales support and service. Backed by 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of test chambers, our aim is to ensure that the system you order is right for your project.

One such project, currently, is for Swansea University’s Centre for Automotive and Power Systems Engineering (CAPSE). The team there are working with major companies to test new battery technologies, not only for the automotive industry but for National Grid and renewable energies too.

JTS has converted eight 30 ft shipping containers into specialist self-contained ‘test cells’ for temperature and humidity testing at CAPSE’s Pontypridd site. Battery testing can be highly volatile and to minimise risk in this case, JTS engineers designed an innovative CO2 cascade system, capable of achieving a range of +80 / -40c at high rates of temperature change. As an inert gas, CO2 has a major advantage in this application over alternative refrigerants which are either highly flammable, less efficient or have a far higher GWP (Global Warming Potential).

Working closely with clients ensures the best outcomes for individual test needs, whether the requirement is for standard or bespoke chambers, containerised systems, or walk-in rooms. With experience across a wide range of industries, and a client base including manufacturers such as Dyson, BAE Systems, TRW Automotive and Red Bull, we are ready to help you achieve the best environmental test solutions for your products.


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