Highest precision for R&D and industry: SONOAIR® a quality leap in air-coupled ultrasonic testing

Previously unattainable inspection capabilities in NDT are now ensured by a new system from SONOTEC® for contactless ultrasonic testing of modern light-weight and performance materials such as fiber-composites.

The SONOAIR® R&D solution consisting of a mechanical scanning system, highly sensitive probes, high-end laboratory electronics and R&D dedicated software is designed for the specific requirements of development and testing laboratories as well as pre-production industrial environments. Based on its state-of-the-art sensor design and production excellence, SONOTEC® developed this next generation ultrasonic testing system in strong cooperation with the ultrasonic research center “Forschungszentrum Ultraschall” (FZ-U) – one of the globally leading institutes for air-coupled ultrasonic testing based in Halle (Saale), Germany.

The SONOAIR® R&D system is capable to detect the most common discontinuities in test objects where the use of conventional liquid coupled ultrasonic testing systems is not possible. Especially multi-layer glass and carbon fiber composites with foam or honeycomb cores can be inspected for delaminations, air inclusions, kissing bonds or impact damages.

The outstanding sensitivity results from the very high transmission power of the pulser electronics of up to 800 Volts in combination with an unmatched amplification process of the received signals and an extremely low noise level of less than 1 nV/√Hz.


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