Magnerscan MAG3™: Chemical-free integrity testing for metallic surfaces

If you are using metal storage vessels in your production facility you will be fully aware of the issues associated with cleaning protocols and integrity testing, the production downtime, the disposal of chemicals and the inability to predict failure.

In response to these issues EIT International developed the Magnerscan MAG3™. A handheld surface integrity and crack detection scanner for metallic surfaces that uses a magnetic field and an array of close contact in-line sensors to detect surface and subsurface defects, incomplete weld fusion, corrosion cavities and porosity electronically without the use of harmful chemicals which involve careful handling and disposal.

Technologist in white protective suit walking through food factory production line checking quality.

Compared to traditional storage vessel testing techniques such as dye penetrant testing and eddy current testing, the Magnerscan MAG3™ offers several advantages:

  • Faster: The Magnerscan MAG3™ can scan a vessel in minutes, as the Magnerscan MAG3™ needs no preparation before testing and no special cleaning afterwards, while traditional methods like dye testing can take hours or even days because of the need to clean surfaces of harmful chemicals.
  • Safer: The Magnerscan MAG3™ does not require the use of harmful or non-food-safe chemicals, making it a safer option for food and drink manufacturers.
  • More cost-effective: The Magnerscan MAG3™ is a one-time investment, while traditional methods require the ongoing purchase of consumables.
  • More accurate: The Magnerscan MAG3™ can detect both surface and subsurface defects, giving you the ability to predict when a vessel might fail, while traditional methods may miss subsurface defects.
  • More versatile: The Magnerscan MAG3™ can be used to test a wide range of vessels and tanks, while traditional methods may be limited to certain types of vessels.

Overall, the Magnerscan MAG3™ is a safer, faster, more cost-effective, more accurate, and more versatile storage vessel testing solution than traditional methods.

Here are some specific examples of how the Magnerscan MAG3™ can help production facilities with cleaning regimes in place:

Reduce the risk of product contamination: The Magnerscan MAG3™ can be used to detect defects that could harbour bacteria or other contaminants, helping to reduce the risk of product contamination.

Improve product quality: By detecting and repairing defects early, the Magnerscan MAG3™ can help to improve the quality of finished products.

Reduce production downtime: The Magnerscan MAG3™ is a quick and easy-to-use testing method, which can help to reduce production downtime.

Minimise environmental impact: The Magnerscan MAG3™ does not require the use of harmful chemicals, which can help to minimise the environmental impact of cleaning regimes.

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