McDowell Unveil New Partnership

McDowell Machining Technologies are once again demonstrating why they are a market leader in machining technologies. The Scottish based company specializes in advanced machine tool solutions for industries such as aerospace, general machining, oil and gas, energy, truck & train and heavy Industry.

McDowell who currently represent Niles-Simmons and Bost have introduced the Mandelli brand as the latest addition to the McDowell machine tool partners.

As experts in advanced engineering solutions, the Mandelli partnership perfectly complements the multi-function production centres available from Niles-Simmons and Bost. The Mandelli agreement fills a gap for McDowell Machining Technologies with multi-process horizontal machining centers being added to the portfolio.

Mandelli are Italian manufactures of horizontal, 5-axis machining centres and the company’s structure and philosophy are based on Lean Organization, KPI-tracked production processes, continuous R&D, the adoption of Industry 4.0 and IoT processes. Renowned for their most outstanding characteristics such as power, speed, flexibility and lifetime precision, Mandelli machines specialise in customised technical solutions by manufacturing flexible and automated machining solutions from a single source.

With the Spark Line of machines, Mandelli offers a solution of 4 and 5-axis horizontal machining centres. This includes models with 800 by 800mm pallets up to 3.5m strokes, featuring linear roller guides to achieve high performance in dynamics, acceleration, rapid traverse and accuracy. The Y-axis has staggered guides set at different heights to minimise the leverage effect of the cutting forces and features a special structure able to guarantee superior strength in the torsional direction.

Launched in 2018, Mandelli introduced the new Spark Titanium HMCs – the ideal solution to machine components for aerospace and power generation industries in hard materials such as titanium and heat resistant Super Alloys. The new features increase the stock removal by 30% thanks to a series of technological novelties. Being the first company to equip its horizontal machining centres with turning functions back in 1991, Mandelli has now created a fixed table architecture, the only one on the market. This new design surrounds the table within the machine base, giving all the linear movements greater turning absorption rates during heavy machining.

The Mandelli turn-mill multitasking options range from a 1m to 2.6m swing diameter and also their RUMBLE horizontal Profiler for the machining of components up to 6m in length. Their global references are outstanding and Mandelli continue to be the proffered solution for multi-tasking horizontal machining centers from renowned OEMs – McDowell Machining Technologies are excited to be their new partner in the UK. For further information please contact

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