Packaging made from up to 100% recycled plastic

Every year we create huge amounts of plastic waste,Germany alone produces almost 6 million tonnes per year. Around one million tonnes of this waste comes from industrial sources, while the remaining 5 million tonnes come from domestic and commercial end users. Plastic waste which comes from domestic and commercial end users is referred to as post-consumer plastic i.e. plastic waste that is not involved in the production of another product.

In order to ensure that this waste is not disposed of needlessly, Seufert is now offering the new Eco-R-PET material for its innovative packaging solutions. Depending on demand and requirements, up to 100% of the raw PET needed to make this material can be obtained from bottle and plastic waste, which is sorted, washed and processed in accordance with the latest technical methods. In spite of high recycled content, the PET is very transparent, high quality and can be used for most applications, as the standard PET.


  • PET raw material up to 100% from bottle and plastic waste
  • Suitable for food packaging hygiene sector
  • Ressouce saving through recycling of plastic waste
  • Processing almost like standard PET possible

Thanks to this sustainable Eco-R-PET solution, Seufert is making an active contribution to ensuring that plastic and bottle waste finds a new purpose after use at the POS, for example transparent packaging solutions.

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