PAT to the Future!

Kewtech are an industry leading manufacturer of electrical test equipment designed specifically for the UK. The innovative technology in Kewtech’s next generation PAT tester’s sets the bar in both speed of testing and quality of reporting.

The importance of PAT testing.

The testing of portable appliances is essential as it is the responsibility of employers and landlords to ensure the safety of their staff and occupants. More people sustain injuries through problems with faulty portable appliances every year than they do fixed installations and with insurance companies looking for any way not to pay out on claims, there is no question of the importance of PAT testing our appliances.

How can Kewtech help your business?

Kewtech’s new PAT system allows those testing to get through their work load faster than ever before. The simplicity of their system has led to many facilities managers to bring their testing in house, saving businesses thousands of pounds on unnecessary PAT testing bills every year. From electricians and PAT testing companies to charity shops, school maintenance teams and business facilities managers, Kewtech have provided the simple, cost-effective solution that works for all needs.

Test smarter, save time and money.

Kewtech’s next generation testers are a lightweight, battery-operated range that have been specifically designed to be as user friendly and efficient as possible. The range has large easy-to-read display screens, with a clear green for PASS and red for FAIL. The entry level EZYPAT is IT safe with a low current earth continuity test and 250V insulation test making it an ideal tester for testing in standard office environments. The comprehensive EZYPAT PLUS can perform a run leakage test on 230V and 110V appliances, a unique feature in handheld testers only found within the Kewtech range. 

Kewtech’s top of the range SMARTPAT is the UK’s first Wi-Fi enabled downloading tester to be remotely controlled from your smart phone or tablet, including automatic data logging direct to the FREE KEWPAT App! No more written data collection, truly SMART! This tester is complete with the ability to perform 230V and 110V run leakage tests as well as a portable RCD test without tripping, making it the complete portable appliance tester.


The KEWPAT is the most sophisticated PAT testing app on the market, allowing you to capture and record data, risk assessments, visual inspections and results. You can even produce professional PDF reports and email them straight to your customer! The App also works manually with all Kewtech testers and is free to download on Android and iOS devices.

And there is no more need for written pass labels either! Kewtech’s portable Bluetooth printer, the KEW80L, connects to the KEWPAT to produce professional and bespoke labels for your business in seconds.

Kewtech’s revolutionary new PAT system provides the simplest and most efficient way to test yet by combining the highest quality engineering with the latest smartphone technology. With a PAT to suit all testing needs, free data recording software, and label printer, Kewtech have provided the fastest and most cost-effective system that’s simple to use and free from written data logging, enabling you to carry out PAT testing in full compliance with the IET Code of Practice.


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