Performance Boost for Smart Displays

demmel products is setting new standards in smart displays with their new high-resolution IPS displays: the company is introducing a new, high-performance product line of JAVA programmable iLCDs.

Users have expected their personal devices to be equipped with high-end, easy to use displays for many years now. “More and more industrial customers tend to have similar demands regarding their operating and visualization devices”, says company founder Herbert Demmel.  “By expanding our product portfolio, we are aiming to serve their needs too.” Java programs now run 10x faster on the new, improved iLCD products, which feature a 525MHz processor. On-board support for high speed USB, I2C-, SPI- and Ethernet interfaces, in combination with IOs via Java, speeds up development tasks and saves complex, time consuming low-level programming.

Industry-leading Display Quality

demmel iLCDs feature IPS (in-plane switching) displays with a wide viewing angle (160°) which eliminates almost any loss of color and brightness, irrespective of viewing angle. The combination of remarkably high resolution and excellent brightness makes these displays an ideal choice for industrial applications. The 7-inch design provides a 1024×600 resolution.  All new demmel iLCDs come with capacitive touch features by default.

Display Computing – No Operating System Needed!

The newly developed iLCD technology enables “Display Computing” with the object-oriented, high-level language Java, without any operating system. The displays instantly turn on at power up. There is no operating system related overhead, so the full performance is available for your application or product. These iLCDs can also be used without Java by simply operating with an external controller.

“This provides significant the competitive advantages of shorter time-to-market, lower development costs, and a minimization of component count” says H. Demmel.

To support project planning, demmel products provides the iLCD Manager XE, including the Java- development environment, at no extra charge. This allows the customer to set up, configure, program, and test any iLCD device. The included display simulator and debugger for Java programs both facilitate the testing of screen-layouts and programs without any need for hardware. Automatic functions guarantee a quick start, and allow less-experienced program developers to be successful. No additional software or hardware is required.

A notable feature is the iLCD’s compact design. Despite the many built-in high-tech features, the package depth is only a little larger than the display itself. The thin form-factor supports design-ins in confined conditions.

Company profile: demmel products gmbh

Since 1988, the demmel products name has been synonymous with excellence in the design and development of innovative solutions in both hardware and software. This Austrian powerhouse of ideas develops, produces, and sells state-of-the-art technology, making the life of the technology user easier, safer, and less stressed. demmel products’ innovative solutions are well established on the market. The “Next Generation Intelligent LCDs” (iLCDs) are global technology leaders thanks to their high quality in this dynamic market segment. The company invests extensively in research and is continuously developing its product portfolio. The latest efforts have resulted in Java on a Chip (JoC) and the new smart display line. JoC is a world-first solution aimed at innovative and professional developers of smart applications.

demmel products solutions are used successfully in a wide variety of applications and industries. A constant goal is to offer our customers practical added value.  demmel’s numerous customers come from a wide variety of business sectors, including mechanical engineering, medical technology, electrical engineering, automotive, and many more.

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