Powerful, compact and easy to use laser cutting, engraving, part marking or CNC machines

If you’re looking for powerful, compact and easy to use laser cutting, engraving, part marking or CNC machines, look no further than Boxford’s range of multi-material processing equipment.

Boxford’s cost-effective and space-saving BFL1390 & BFL2010 Fibre Metal Cutting Lasers, ranging from 500W to 2KW, are capable of producing industry standard precision metal profiles. This makes them ideal machines to help bring sub-contract work in-house, reducing lead times and costs.

The BFM110 bench-top Fibre Marking Systems provides high-detail part identification and branding solutions. The speed and clarity of the marking and engraving can speed up your part parking process and add even more professionalism to your products.

Boxford’s ever popular range of C02 non-metal cutting and engraving machines are available in various sizes and power options to suit your needs. Ranging from a 500mm x 300mm machine bed, all the way up to 1300mm x 900mm; there is a machine to suit most applications, from small prototype work, to large format projects.

Boxford also continue to offer a range of CNC lathes, routers, milling and combination machines on which the UK manufacturer has built its long-standing name and reputation.

If you have a new machine requirement, the Boxford team are always on hand to discuss your needs. Demonstrations are also available from their West Yorkshire showroom. Call or email to book:

T: 01422 324 810
E: info@boxford.co.uk
W: www.boxford.co.uk

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