Rubix sets new warehouse safety standards by leveraging Kardex solutions for hazardous storage.

Rubix, a renowned global distributor of industrial products, teamed up with Kardex, to develop a cutting-edge hazardous materials storage solution.  Rubix was faced with the daunting task of safely storing hazardous items like flammable liquids, that would not only meet the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) regulations but would also meet the standards of COSHH (control of substances hazardous to health).

At Rubix national distribution center in Wolverhampton, UK, operators pick and maintain multiple components and provide the available stock to customers. Rubix has been a long-time partner of Kardex, a global leader in smart intralogistics solutions. With more than 30 machines nationwide, they rely on Kardex’s advanced technology to ensure fast, accurate, and safe order picking. After an audit, they needed a solution that adhered to strict regulatory standards.

Rubix made the decision to meet the strict HSE (health and safety executive) regulations and protect colleagues, customers, products, and the environment.

The idea was to find a solution that would ensure safe storage while reducing the touchpoints between operators and hazardous items. “We were driven to find a best practice health & safety warehouse solution, particularly one that would meet the standards of COSHH”, explains Alistair Yates, Programme Manager – Logistics Function, Rubix UK.  A solution was required that adhered to strict regulatory standards.

The Kardex solution enabled Rubix to centralise hazardous item storage, significantly reducing touchpoints and minimising risk. Labour demand is also more manageable requiring just 5 specialised and trained people touching these items. Overall, the solution supports fast and very secure picking.   “To create a secure environment for storing classified COSHH products like greases and aerosols, we installed two Kardex Shuttles and two Kardex Compact Buffers,” explains Richard Ellis, System Sales Manager at Kardex Remstar UK.

Ensuring fast and accurate access to stored stock is a must and with a focus on safe, secure and clean storage, Kardex Compact Buffers store all small items, and all other items of mixed sizes are stored in Kardex Shuttles. “Our future plans include implementing the Kardex Frame Pick System to enhance our processes further. This will provide complete stock transparency and facilitate batch picking, supporting the ambitious goal of a fivefold increase which will deliver growth in the near future,” shares Matt Luke, Logistics Director, Rubix UK.

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