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The two new sensor cables from SAB are especially appropriate for an application with minus 50°C up to plus 150°C. The high flexibility, robustness and the large temperature range qualify these products for use in measuring and control technique, among others in test runs of trucks and cars at the polar circle or in extremely hot regions of the earth.

The smooth sheath surface of the cable avoids a stick-slip effect and the reduced cable construction enables a minimum bending radius to 2 x d. This makes possible a comfortable laying especially in test vehicles where you often will find narrow spaces. Furthermore, the small outer diameter and section make possible an application at miniature sensors as strain gauge supply or as connection cable in module technology.

Sensor minus 50
Low temperature resistant sensor cable down to -50°C for measuring and testing technology. Supply cable for miniature sensors. Strain gauge supply cable with smallest bending radii. For indoor and outdoor use.

Sensor plus 150
High temperature resistant sensor cable up to max. +150°C for measuring and testing technology. Supply cable for miniature sensors. Strain gauge supply cable for smallest bending radii. Connecting cable for modular technology.

Special solutions for special applications

The production possibilities of SAB range from basic types and standard dimensions to special cables according to the individual requirements of our customers. New productions are already possible for small quantities – especially interesting for small and pilot productions.

Cable manufacturer – SAB Bröckskes is a worldwide leading manufacturer of cables and wires, cable harnessing and temperature measuring technique. More than 70 years of experience in cable manufacturing as well as in temperature measuring technique have made out of a one man business a company with almost 500 staff members.

The strength of SAB Bröckskes is not only the manufacturing of standard cables but also the construction of special items. Every year SAB manufactures more than 1500 special cables on customer´s request.


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