Solar Technologies Canada, proudly introduces a Sun Control Film developed by their R&D team

Studies show that 80% of common infections are spread by hands. Disinfecting commonly touched surfaces helps to reduce the spread of harmful germs but would require manual and repeated disinfection because germs grow rapidly.

Current disinfectants may also contain chemicals, which are not recognized as safe and effective, and may lead to bacterial resistance and environmental contamination if used extensively.

Solar Technologies Canada, proudly introduces a Sun Control Film developed by their R&D team, through innovation and collaboration with commercial and academic partners, that not only protects you from heat and ultraviolet rays but has   anti-Viral and anti-bacterial properties.

Both SGS the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, and SITU product test laboratory for antimicrobial, biodegradability and analytical lab services for quality of industrial and consumer products have certified that it possesses 99.99% effectiveness against viruses and bacteria,  plus to be human safe.

invisishield™ is the Trademark of Future Technology Innovations Inc.    ©SOLAR TECHNOLOGIES CANADA 2020

Actively reducing viral load on glass surfaces, specifically Human Corona Virus. The permanent antiviral nano coating on the film uses invisishield™ technology to kill Viruses and Bacteria in a few hours. Developed by Future Technology Innovations Inc. The film uses a proprietary, positively charged antiviral nano particles that attract negatively charged viruses and bacteria. The antiviral agent is able to disintegrate the “protective casing” of the microbes, thus neutralizing them upon contact.

Sold under the STC brand this anti-viral Sun Control film is ideal for use in all areas where there might be a risk of bacterial or viral contact and human transfer. Such as Schools, Hotels, Hospitals, Buses, Taxis to name just a few.

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