Your unique labelling needs, all wrapped up with Loop Technology’s robotic 3D labelling machine

Designed for customers who have a wide-ranging product collection, our intelligent labelling system is capable of affixing labels on virtually anything with a 3D profile.

By combining real time 3D image processing with conveyor movement tracking and robot motion controllers, products can be analysed, placement location calculated, and labels applied without slowing down your process. This system is capable of processing up to 1,200 parts per hour per robot in a print and apply mode.  Additionally, the modular design allows the system to be customised to fit a particular space or scaled up to meet your needs.

The built-in software interface provides the capability to make product or batch changes with the simple touch of a button. This allows you to process all your products on a single line, optimising your factory space, while offering increased flexibility and less downtime. The interface provides the ability for you to train the system to handle new products and labelling requirements.

Subheading: Key Capabilities:

LARGE RANGE OF PRODUCT TYPES: We can provide bespoke end effectors to handle labels of different shapes and sizes. Product size can vary from 50 x 50 x 5mm to 450 x 400 x 400mm.

DYNAMIC 3D LABEL APPLICATION: The robot matches the surface orientation of the product, adapting to each individual product, ensuring contact made is in the correct position and orientation.

FEATURE DETECTION: This system can recognise features to either avoid them (i.e. where label placement would be unwanted) or locate them (e.g. barcodes for overlabelling).

SIMPLE BATCH CHANGEOVER: Product changeover can be performed at the simple touch of a button, enabling you maximise machine time for a leaner operation.

Subheading: About Loop Technology

Loop Technology are Dorset based specialists in industrial automation and robotics. With 22 years of experience in machine vision, industrial robots, and motion control systems, Loop Technology can deliver a flexible and adaptable solution to help you consistently achieve greater output and quality.

During these uncertain times, we know that investing in automation can sometimes be a challenge. Our new leasing programme gives you the opportunity to make the desired investment in automation, helping to drive your business forward. By working with a local manufacturer, you can also benefit from a significantly reduced risk to your supply chain.

Contact us to find out how we can help you automate and streamline your business today.



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