Together, we keep Industry Moving

ENE Limited is a family run business, established in 1996 that has evolved to meet the ever-changing demands of the food industry.  Our team has grown from 4 employees to 60+ today.  ENE’s specialised team is experienced in our field, enabling us to deliver high quality products with a reliable service. We strive to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, therefore if you give us your requirements, we will design from concept to purpose.

Our special purpose machines include Spiral Conveyors, Convergers, Labelling & Sleeving Systems, Divergers, Packing Conveyors, Lazy Susan’s and Bone Pullers.  We supply all conveyor belt types to suit the specific application. 

We work closely with the food sector and our catalogue has standard and bespoke systems….

Working closely with the food sector we offer practical efficient solutions. By understanding demand from our customers and their production lines, we have created a catalogue of standard and bespoke systems. With our fully equipped facility and a team of expert technicians, we manufacture all parts in-house.  Our range covers the Meat Processing, Poultry, Seafood, Fruit & Veg, Dairy, Baking, Confectionery and Pharmaceutical industries.

As the Forbo agent in Ireland, our belts guarantee the consistent support of your HACCP concept and production.  From Conveying, Processing to Packaging we have belt types to suit all processes; such as mixing, cooling, weighing, metal detecting and packaging.  There you can exploit your quality productivity potential to the full.


We can offer….


  •  Top resistance to hydrolysis
  • Good resistance to fruit acids
  • Hard-wearing belts for use in abrasive environments
  • Fray-free edges
  • Belt edge sealing

  • Incision-proof belts that are easy to clean
  • Belts with large open areas for washing and drying
  •  Blue belts for fast checking processes that don’t strain eyes

  • Homogeneous belt bodies
  • ProLink Modular belt series
  • Different patterns for inclined conveying
  • Belts for deep freezing sections (cooling towers)
  • Special Troughable belts for coagulation
  • HACCP belts with excellent release characteristics
  • Belts suitable for knife edges and ones with patterns
  • Belts with profiles and side walls

  • Check-Weigher belts of equal thicknesses and exceptionally precise splices that make endless belts superfluous
  • Elastic belts for use in packaging machinery with homogeneous structures and easy to clean surfaces
  • Light-permeable belts for vision-supported robot systems (pick & place)
  • Temperature-resistant belts for use in shrinking tunnels and round belts


Product Features

  • Smooth surface allows cleaning to microbiological level and clean-in-place process
  • Sealed edges and tension members prevent ingress of microbes
  • Kevlar tension members provide high strength, low stretch
  • Tough polyurethane construction – Water and chemical resistant – Meets FDA material requirements for wet food contact
  • Stainless steel lacing – PosiLace™ – Plastic rivets
  • Meat and poultry and dairy certifications
  • Runs on most plastic modular pulleys • Optional sidewalls and flights available

Production of conveyors and complete systems across Ireland, the UK and Europe…

ENE Limited specialize in the production of conveyors, labelling machines and complete systems for use across Ireland, UK and Europe with a dedicated team and one of the best Stainless-Steel manufacturing facilities in Ireland.  We are perfectly placed to provide expert design, manufacture and installation services with the ability to fabricate all types of machine components, laser cut parts in stainless steel and aluminium. 


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