ABC-t Automated Bottle Closure Tester

Out-of-specification capping machines can lead to lost production time and costly wastage due to incorrectly fitting closures.

Mecmesin’s ABC-t automatically measures the initial release torque and bridge torque of ROPP closures, to ensure that the capping process is operating correctly.

  • Easy-to-use, with selectable pre-programmed tests
  • Closures are reapplied to prevent spillage
  • Repeatable testing ensures accurate, consistent results every time
  • Increases productivity, less production downtime
  • Early identification of capping head adjustment requirements
  • Eliminates the risk of repetitive strain injury

The ABC-t features a multi-station carousel manufactured to bottle specification, and the example illustrated (see images) has 18 stations for two bottle sizes.

All sample positioning and testing movements are pre-programmed and pneumatically actuated to the user requirements. Test control, data acquisition and analysis are performed by Mecmesin’s proven Emperor™ software, so the system remains versatile according to changes in test specifications. The software provides for live test graphing or review, and tracking and reporting of batch results.

Mecmesin has an established reputation in closure force and torque testing at every level from design to the production line. Celebrating our 40th year of experience, backed up by UK manufacture, our team of design engineers can tailor the ABC-t to meet your specific needs.



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