Engine Prelubrication Systems Saves Money on both large and small engines

f”RLog — Engine prelubrication systems on larger engines protect bearings before each e11gine start. Some engine suppliers list prelube systems as required equipme11t for certain er1gines as any large engine will benefit from the protection that can only be achieved by ensuring oil is protecting bearing surfaces before the engine begins to n1ove.

A single dry bearing start will lead to progressive bearing failure. Prelube systems offera low cost insurance policy for critical engines. Varna offers a f11II range of both pumps and systems for prelubrication.

Studies have shown, the majority of engine mechanical wear, almost 90°/o, occurs at startup. At the first crank of theengine, all of theoil in the sump and at the first rotation of the crankshaft tl1e bearings,rods, pistons, heads and all galleys are dry causing rnetal to metal contact to occur damaging the engine over its lifetime. Pumps can be supplied witl1 DC, AC or air motors. Complete systems are supplied with all wiring and valves as a complete package.


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