Buy your Fluke multimeter today and pick up a free gift direct from Fluke to the value of £51! or save up to £199! with a Fluke bundle ONLY from GMCiUK.

Fluke are offering FREE of charge either their Toolpak hands free multimeter hanging solution kit (worth £37) or the C25 Carry Case (worth £51) two great offers…but there’s more!

See the full deal from Fluke. Fluke Free Gifts

Don’t Tell Fluke! 

Now don’t tell Fluke but we think that GMCiUK are offering even better deals just check out our ‘Bundles’ which we build around all Fluke multimeters, here you can just pick the Fluke multimeter that you require and put together an even better deal specifically tailored to your needs just by combining our ‘Bundled Deal’ with ‘Fluke’s free gift’ means you can then double up with GMCiUK!

This is what we think is the best deal that we offer.

Pick the Fluke multimeter that you want and just bundle it with the SureGrip Master Accessory Set this normally sells for £144 and GMCiUK offer it at just £72 that’s half price but bundle it with any multimeter and it’s an even better deal!

To find out more about the Test & Measurement products offered by GMCiUK simply visit our website at or email our sales team at

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