Cargo Overseas innovative ACE technology announces expansion to Irish & UK customs entries.

Announcing the launch of Cargo Overseas innovative ACE technology across the Irish sea.

Cargo Overseas has developed an IT solution for UK importers and exporters to efficiently process their customs declarations and today it is proud to announce the expansion of this technology to include automation of Irish customs entries.

Currently, any UK company that imports from, or exports to, the EU is REQUIRED to complete a UK customs declaration for every shipment and if you need to import to or export from the Republic of Ireland, you would be required to complete a separate Irish customs entry.

The ACE system, from Cargo Overseas, has the unique ability to run a combined joint entry automatically from one place without any duplication. 

Some of the key features of the ACE dashboard are:

  • Instant submission of your customs declarations through our online portal
  • Simple and timely data capture
  • Live status of current (and historic) customs declarations including updates back from Irish authorities as well as HMRC
  • Notifications of actions required
  • Associated customs documentation for ease of compliance
  • Integrated searchable custom’s commodity codes database

Cargo Overseas has over 30 years’ experience performing customs declaration for hundreds of our clients who import and export to both the EU and non-EU countries around the world.

We combine our extensive freight industry knowledge with the latest digital technologies to deliver an uncomplicated customs entry solution; providing simple data capture, automated processing and real-time information to ensure minimal impact to your business. Find out more by visiting:

Major global household brands are already taking advantage of this technology to process their customs declarations each day. If you would like to join them, get in touch today and email:


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