Introducing Handheld Fibre Laser Welding from Wilkinson Star

Handheld fibre laser welding technology is new to the UK welding industry, offering excellent welding performance, improving production efficiency and reducing operational costs. Up to 4 times faster than traditional welding methods, it offers high precision and neat welding seams on various materials. The Weld Star – Max Photonics system advanced air-cooling with self-adaptive fans ensures long-term stability and a neat, compact design. It is lightweight and ergonomically designed welding torch offers comfort and manoeuvrability to the user at only 680 grams and guarantees multiple safety precautions for welding operations.

A full colour 7-inch graphical user interface with synergic set up and the possibility to save up to 32 stored jobs offers easy set up and high repeatability to the user. Shooting mode offers controllable and repeatable tack welding and single sided spot welding, whilst pulse mode offers aesthetically pleasing welds similar to that of traditional TIG welding methods.

Quick training times with the laser process gives employers the opportunity to up-skill workers and increase production.

Laser safety is a big factor with this process being a Class 4 appliance. As such, it is imperative that the guidance is followed and this equipment is operated within a suitably approved class 4 enclosure. Wilkinson Star can offer a full package solution in compliance with EN 60825-4.

Machines come with a 2 year warranty and torches a 12 month warranty.

Available through Wilkinson Star’s authorised network of distributors

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