Industrial Ethernet Switches, Which switch? Managed or unmanaged? Murrelektronik can help

Murrelektronik offers a wide range of switches. Unmanaged switches reliably cover basic functions while PROFINET managed switches offer the full range of features. Here, Murrelektronik answer the questions that can help you find the right switch.

1. Managed or unmanaged? What is the right switch for my application?

Unmanaged switches, as Xelity or Xenterra, are typically the most cost-effective way of connecting Ethernet devices in small and/or local networks. These switches basically make sure that Ethernet data flows without collisions. There are applications with special requirements that may demand a managed switch, as Murrelektronik’s Tree Lite- and Full-managed switches.

Managed switches increase availability of critical applications thanks to functionalities such as ring topology management, port mirroring for network troubleshooting and NAT for accessing the system from an external network. These devices also allow packet prioritization making sure time sensitive data gets higher priority on the network. Last but not least, managed switches can be controlled/monitored by PLCs through an Ethernet/IP or Profinet connection.

2. What are the benefits of PoE switches?

PoE switches, such as Murrelektronik’s Tree PoE, are a great way of reducing cabling on an installation. PoE switches eliminate the need for two cables, one for communication and one for power, per Ethernet device. Thanks to their step-up converter, Tree PoE switches can power up 48 VDC cameras, scanners, IP phones and many other PoE devices with a 12/24V DC power supply. Tree’s PoE booster accommodates up to 120W (30W per port) of load on one single switch.

3.What do I need to take in consideration when planning a network?

The challenges faced by Operation Teams can’t be underestimated. There are many variables to be considered by the OT department during a machine’s concept phase. Factors like the number of Ethernet devices, network load, response time and infrastructure are just a few things to taken in consideration. Murrelektronik switches (Xelity, Xenterra and Tree unmanaged and managed, IP20 or IP67 rated) can be combined to provide a powerful and affordable solution that eliminates bottlenecks and increases the performance of any Ethernet based application.

4.How can switches help simplify wiring and reduce assembly time?

Switches are a requirement to add flexibility to Ethernet based systems, but no one said they necessarily need to be mounted inside enclosures. IP67 rated switches, like Murrelektronik’s Tree67, are a great option to save space inside enclosures, reduce costs with wiring, and improve commissioning and troubleshooting time. These switches, that can be mounted up to 100m away from the main cabinet, help optimize cable routing without compromising network flexibility. Combined with a vast range of Murrelektronik’s M8, D- or X-code Industrial Ethernet cables, IP67 switches are the perfect solution to make any Ethernet network Plug-n-Play.

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