ITI – Pressure Instruments & Diaphragm Seals

A diaphragm seal can also be known as a chemical, hygienic or remote seal. They are used for pressure measurement when the process medium should not come into contact with the parts of the measuring instrument. This include gauges, transmitters or switches.

Diaphragm seals are used in applications that have either corrosive, high temperature or viscous media (chemical), or for application specific purposes in pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and brewing industries (hygienic).

A diaphragm seal is connected to the instrument by using a direct connection or a capillary. There is a flexible metal diaphragm that keeps the process media from coming into contact with the workings of the instrument. The area between the diaphragm and the bourdon tube is then filled with a transmission fluid. ITI can supply in many different designs and materials.

ITIUK was incorporated in 1986, but our history dates back to 1867, making us one of the oldest and most experienced instrumentation companies in the world.

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